Today I am joining the d’Verse Poets for their “Let’s Get Elemental” challenge.  I have chosen to write about the element Plutonium.

Heavy metal lethargy
kissed by everyday air,
destroying self through
spontaneous combustion!
How did I get to be
such an explosive metallic
mess–unnatural, unstable?
Plutonium radiation
within my cranium
waiting to self-destruct,
poison with the force of
a detonating nuclear bomb!
What will I become?
Maybe I can simply decay
into something more stable.

Photograph of the Atomic Cloud Rising Over Nagasaki, Japan

Lion’s Pride

I am joining today for the final prompt at Real Toads.  I’m very sad to see the end of this community even though I’ve not been very consistent in my writing lately.  I’m afraid I might not quite be optimistic with my observations of nature today, but it’s where I am at.  Please forgive my diversion.

The lion’s pride
protects the predator–
never the prey

The innocent lamb
sacrificed to his
never-ending appetite

Lost in the jungle
with the pride’s secret
shame buried within.

The king of the jungle
one day succumbs
to the greatest predator

Death devours pride–
a moment of retribution;
innocence never regained.

Lions from Blank Park Zoo


I am sharing today’s poem with Real Toads for Wordy Monday with Wild Woman.

Some things don’t turn out
the way they are planned–
the loss of a first born son.
I was supposed to be Junior,
the coveted son;
didn’t have the right chromosomes–
disappointment from the start.
Not the prized rainbow baby
my older sister was,
living her only requirement.
Me–the one they got stuck with.