Flash 55

4 Jan

Tears falling blurred the words hastily scrawled on the nearly blank page.  She had no idea what else to write, so she simply stared.  Her muse was gone and reality kept kicking her in the teeth.  It was time though.  The desire was there.  She had to force each word, but it was a start.

spider plant 004ew

This is a bit of non-fiction, but it’s a start.  How could I not participate and honor G-Man?  I’m sharing at the Imaginary Garden.

Goat Sisters

6 Jun

A letter to my goatsisters at the prompting of Herotomost for today’s challenge at Real Toads.  I am so excited to be able to travel back to New York this summer to spend more time with my goatsisters.

Dear Goatsisters,

Where would I be
if we hadn’t connected?
A lonely “crazy goat lady”
instead of us three.
Oh, the joy of sharing stories
with those who know
the love and fears that
come with a caprine family.
A goat and a blog here.
A goat and a blog there.
The desire of a goat and a blog
butting us together.
The miles disappear,
sisterhood for real.
Where would I be without you?

Forever goat kisses,




We Know

5 Jun

At Real Toads, Fireblossom gave us a list of words from The Myth of You and Me by Leah Stewart to choose from and asked that we use at least three.  I’ve managed to use four from the list.  The challenge at d’Verse Poets today is to reflect on language.  When we use it or when it might have failed us.

Millie Ann Saanen

Millie Ann Saanen

We know
deep within our hearts
a deep mutual love exists.
A secret we share, we two,
just knowing the others’ thoughts.
No language required
to express our needs and fears.
We know.
Some call it crazy talk and say
you can’t communicate with animals,
but Millie and me,
We know.
Choose to listen without ears;
open the mind to possibilities
and it’s easy to hear.
We know.


Spring Healing

30 May

She sat on her favorite rock out in the pasture.  Sturdy and silent, it supported her in times of sadness.  After the harsh killing winter, she needed its strength more than ever.  She cried hot tears, watching as they wet the cool surface.  When she had no more tears to shed, she looked around and noticed the beauty of spring surrounding her, as if it had magically arrived during her visit.   She picked up the sketch pad beside her, found her pencil, and began to draw spring, beautiful and renewing, just as it was meant to be.

doodles of springtime
flowers jump from artist’s page
coloring my world


I just love when prompts fit together.  At d’Verse Poets the task was to write a haibun, a combination of prose and poetry.  You can read more about the requirements of the genre at the Meeting the Bar challenge.  Margaret asked us to look at sketchbook poetry for the challenge at Real Toads and shared some of her daughter’s amazing sketches.  I love this combination of poetry, prose and art.

The Curse

28 May

At d’Verse Poets, we were given an extremely challenging list of words from which we were to create a poem.  At Real Toads, the challenge is to write a poem with a curse.  Here’s my combined offering.

pentacle and candle

Under the watchful moon
her persona changes from
mild, meek victim of his
to strong-willed sorceress.
No more hate or hurt from
his hand will she take.
Mistress to him no more;
instead her own messiah.
A glass of blood red wine
raised to toast his ill health;
a pernicious curse to be sure,
subtle at first, barely noticed,
growing in fevered strength.
The strong masterful persona
eroded, shriveled into lunacy.
Silent shadowy figures dancing,
whirling in anticipation,
retreat to the dark corners
waiting, stalking his faintly
luminous soul, approaching
through open doorway,
his warmth fading with
each faltering step.
Shadows descend.
Dragging him
down to the
darkness of

Words Unspoken

22 May

Today’s task for d’Verse Poets is to write a poem using slant rhyme for Meeting the Bar.  These are near rhymes as opposed to perfect rhymes.

Founders Cemetery at Naples, New York

sorrow grips my heart
shattered by death’s dart

the pale ghost of love lost
haunts dreams and thoughts

bonds death has broken
silent words left unspoken

wondering as I whisper
messages for angels to deliver

the sorrow of my human failure
depriving us a growing old future

shall we meet once again
when I join you in the divine

Nature Comforts

21 May

Today’s challenge at Real Toads is to write a poem that makes use of the pathetic fallacy, providing human emotion and  behavior to nature.

full moon

Moon stares, unblinking,
at lone figure by graveside
while sad winds whisper
the nature of her grief;
Earth swallowing her love,
reclaiming the physical,
a return to its origin.
His soul free from disease
rides the night winds
to twinkling stars high above
smiling down to ease grief;
she rises, looking to night sky,
somehow comforted, less alone.

Rose-Colored Glasses

20 May

The challenge for d’Verse Poets is to write a poem inspired by or including a quote.  I’ve chosen one of my favorites as inspiration.

“Blessed are the weird people, poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters and troubadours for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”  -Jacob Nordby


Looking at turnip clouds
through rose-colored glasses
turns them to red hot radishes.
Pink grapefruit sun smiles
as we ants walk single file
through life’s daily grindstone,
waiting our turns to be
squashed like little bugs
between rough sandstone disk
and boss man’s Roman nose.
in the evening, no choice but
embrace my inner Sisyphus
with a glass of bitter ale
transformed into rose-colored wine.


16 May

I am once again combining prompts.  The challenge at d’Verse Poets was to write a Tilus  poem, the new form created by Kelvin S-M. It has one two-line stanza with 6 and 3 syllables.  The second stanza is one, one syllable line.  The subject of the poem should reflect nature. At Real Toads, we were to use the Black Forest as our inspiration.


whisper beyond the veil
twilight calls



Or we could just go fun…


black forest cherry cheese
cake dessert





Confession of Who I Am

14 May

I’m combining the prompt from d’Verse Poets and Real Toads.  Mama Zen has given us 67 words to make a confession.  Marina Sofia has challenged us to write about our identity. I’ve chosen to answer the question “What lingers when all is said and done?”  At least I’m pondering that question.


How can
I tell the world
I’m not
who they see;
strip away success–
find the scared girl
full of questions.
what lies beyond?
what comes next?
will you love me
if you see
this scared little girl
hidden beneath
a tough exterior?
When I leave this world
which will be me–
confident and successful
or timid and scared?


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