Something’s Gotta Give

This week’s Monday challenge at d’Verse Poets is to write a quadrille (poem of exactly 44 words) using some form of the word change.

Something’s gotta give;
Something’s gotta change.
Can’t keep doing
the same old thing.
The daily grind
grinding me down
till nothing’s left.

Something’s gotta give;
Something’s gotta change.
Looking for a tomorrow
filled with hope.
Something new
to build me up;
letting me soar.



The challenge for today at Real Toads is to use three words from the provided word list.  I’ve used more, so I hope that’s okay.  For my inspiration, I’ve also drawn on my recent experience with a faulty furnace trying to kill me.  Luckily, the animals and I are all safe, but it does make one pensive.

overnight clouds
blanket the sky
snow piled high
against the house

heat laced with
deadly poison
filters throughout
the sleeping house

bedside clock vainly
announces the morning;
heart’s ache waiting
to be discovered

quiet and still in bed
resting the deep sleep
of death beneath
red carnation cheeks


Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets is to write a poem in celebration of the ordinary things.  It seemed like a perfect time to write about knitting, which I have only just recently begun.  I am truly enjoying it.  I am also sharing with Real Toads for the Tuesday Platform.

Sitting on the couch,
cozy in the winter evening
the quiet click of needles
blended with a crackling fire
sing a song of creation;
an ancient craft of love.
The yarn draped around
a finger, wrapped around
a needle and through itself,
a motion repeated endlessly,
stitching from one needle
to another–back and forth.
The cloth grows, as the
skein in my lap shrinks;
The motion a mediation,
freeing the mind from
the worries of the day.