Friday Flash 55

It’s been quite a while since I’ve found some time to write anything besides lesson plans.  Since I’m on winter break, I had to join Hedgewitch for Friday Flash 55.  Sadly, I didn’t get around to the photo shoot I wanted to do to illustrate the poem.

The Man handles
my marionette strings
directing every movement.
Meeting his expectations
–quiet, demur–a delicate
perfect working girl with
alluring ballerina grace.

Um. no. Not this WOMAN!

A fucking bad ass
Amazon warrior queen,
ripping out the
strings of bondage
to perform my own
tribal jungle dance
stomping down the Man.

Let FREEDOM ring!


Mourning Moon

Snot drizzles and drips from my
nose, partly from the cold wind
scraping her fingers across my face.
Mostly the floodgates were opened
with Mourning Moon’s mandate–
let go the painful relationship before
winter’s solstice brings darkness.
Farewells are never easy, yet
this one leaves my heart shredded,
hanging to bleed dry after the kill.

I am sharing with Hedgewitch at her blog Verse Escape for Friday Flash 55.  I know I’m late, but it’s hard to get back into the habit of writing.  I’m trying.

Books On a Shelf

Books on a shelf–
words enter my being,
characters worm their way
into my heart and soul,
searing their experiences
into my thoughts and
sharing their memories,
mixing with mine;
living a thousand lives
from the safety of my couch
knowing I’ll never see their
worlds with my eyes–
only through
books on a shelf.

Sharing with Hedgewitch at her blog Verse Escape.