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Bob Cat

I’m so sorry to be joining the class late, but I am happy to be here for Ms. Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday Summer School.  This week, our assigned topic is ORANGE.

The first time I saw him, I fell in love.  His orange fur made him the perfect cat for Halloween, and I gave him the big name of Spooky, figuring he’d grow big.  It didn’t take long to figure out that the name wasn’t going to work.  He was in no way Spooky.  In fact, he was just the opposite.  He was something of a chicken.  He was scared of everything.

My son called him “Yellow Kitty”.  It was not very original, and it didn’t fit him either.  After all, he is orange.  He didn’t grow very big, and he didn’t get any braver.  He was playful, sleepy, funny; I could come up with all kinds of descriptors for him, but not a good name.  We went back and forth between Spooky and Yellow Kitty and whatever new name I was trying on him.  He pretty much ignored me no matter what I called him.

Finally, I decided to go straight to the source.  I picked him up and looked into those little gold eyes and asked, “What name will you answer to?  What do you want me to call you?”  Bob.  Bob?  Really?  What kind of name was that for a scaredy Bob?  My son and mother both looked at me like I was crazy, but I insisted on Bob.  It was not long afterwards that he was answering to his name, Bob.

He became a sleepy Bob or playful Bob or funny Bob and occasionally a naughty Bob.  Hey, Bob really was a good name for him.  Doesn’t he look like a happy Bob?  Yep, he’s my little orange Bob cat.

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30 thoughts on “Bob Cat

  1. Oh my, he is just so adorable! I love his orange fur 🙂 I think Bob is a great name. It could be short for Bobcat since his fur makes him look so ferocious 🙂

  2. What a lovely blog you have here. I love the simplicity and cleanness of it.

    And what a clever post.

    You are an excellent writer…although I suspect you already know that.

    Your story was really neat and that top photo just made me smile.

    Thanks for participating in Alphabe-Thursday’s Rainbow Summer School.

    This was fantastic.


  3. I think Bob is the perfect name! What a pretty cat.

    We have a kitten without a name right now. My son is supposed to be naming him, but he keeps changing his mind. I’ve been calling him Boo Radley. He was a feral kitten that his mother left behind, we caught him in a humane trap and brought him inside. Then the mother came back in a few days with the other three kittens, but by then Boo was tamed and we decided to keep him. Meanwhile, the mother and the rest of the kittens are still here. We’ve trapped two and had them fixed…two more to go. The’re feral, but happy living in our garage and yard.

    • Sounds like you should catch the mom! Bob was a rescue, along with his brother, from the sale barn. I must say you can’t go wrong with Bob for a name!

  4. Pretty kitty.. we are every one allergic.. I admire their beauty from afar when I visit the pet store..
    Great Orange post.. Have a wonderful day!

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