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My Old Woman

Cuddling next to me in the bed

Rubbing your furry face against my cheek

Your are my bedfellow of nineteen years.

Soon I will lose you to death.

Taking a piece of my soul with you,

Another cat will never take your place

*Crysta is nineteen years old.  She was diagnosed with kidney disease two years ago, yet she has her mind and mobility.

This is a part of One Shot Poetry.  Read more poems here.

47 thoughts on “My Old Woman

  1. Oh I hear you, so loud and clear. I just lost my sweet kitty of fifteen years. It is so hard. Enjoy every minute you have left with her. (Hugs)

  2. Oh, Teresa, I’m so sorry about your cat! I had to put my kitty to sleep when she was 15, a couple years ago. It was really tough, and I agree, no one will ever take the place of the mighty Reesi.

    I loved your poem, too; it reminded me of Reesi and the good times we shared.

  3. Awww…this is such a sweet dedication to your beloved cat!! Well, she has survived 2 years of kidney trouble.. Meaning she is one strong kitty!!! Hope you two have a LOVELY time together! I only hope that she doesn’t suffer much, and that the medication doesn’t bother her much.. I bet you make sure of that!
    Many hugs to you both…

  4. It’s amazing to me how folks who don’t have animals can’t understand the emotional impact of losing one. I lost my dog to cancer not more than a year ago and I still can’t bring myself to think about it too terribly often.

    A nice little piece to remind us of what more often than not is forgotten.

  5. This is so sad and I am so sorry. I remind Mrs. MM after a pet dies and she goes out to seek a new one, that while she brings love into our home, she also brings heart break….we seem destined to out live our pets.

  6. She is a beauty and I know good company – they grab at our heart strings and don’t let go. Our dear faithful pets.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of you at One Shot

    Hugs from the Moon

  7. Ah my Sam is an old man now. He is 18 and was on insulin for ten years now off and in remission. He’s outlived all the others (good news to diabetics!) and he’s still bright eyed and bushy tailed but I can’t think of losing him. Beautiful tribute, fellow cat lover. They are the beauty of our lives. Thank you for this.

  8. As I suspect you know, given that Crysta is 19, much of the credit goes to a life as an indoor cat. There are so many dangers out there. Give Crysta a pat for me.

  9. I love this. I am cat person to the core, and I know how wonderful a companion Crysta is. I lost my 20-year old cat Sadie years ago, and said the same thing. “There will never be another to take her place.”

    And then I met Pandora. Pandora is now 12, and she has not taken Sadie’s place, for sure. But she has created her own place in my heart, curled against me, purring, being my friend.

    • I already have other cats, but Crysta is the only one allowed upstairs (she’s afraid of the others), so she is very special that way. I am impressed how old Sadie lived to be. That’s quite the statement about the care you gave her.

  10. I never think of getting a new pet as trying to replace a lost one, I think of it as letting another come to stay in the same place in your heart for awhile. Kind of like renting an apartment – same apartment, same landlord, different tenants – every tenant is special to us, different than any other, and missed when they leave.

  11. Aww… what a sweetie! It sounds like you’ve had many lovely years together. — My cat, Frost, woke me at about 4:30, so I shut him out of the bedroom, and he somehow got back in twice! If he’s figured out how to open round door-handles, then I’m sending him to the circus. LOL

  12. oh that was sad..i had two cats, brother & sister and both made it to 19, when she went he followed fast, our house is empty with out them…they were great friends…i fully connected with your verse..Pete

  13. I know what that is like – lost a furry friend of 15 years a few months ago….that is a true love poem….bkm

  14. aww…our cat is turning 11…it would be hard to fill her paws as well…cute picture. i appreciate the sentiments…if she would just stop waking me up at 5.30 though…smiles.

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