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Looking around, I’m in a panic because today is

What to write about.  I just wrote about an orange bird.  Do I really want to write about a yellow duck?  My drake, Quackers, is in the back.  He’s eleven years old, quite old for a little yellow duck.

My house is surprisingly devoid of yellow.  Outside gave me a bit more to choose from.  There was a swallowtail butterfly with its beautiful yellow markings.  This year we have a huge number of butterflies, so much so that they even did a news story about it.  I’m not sure it’s worthy of a news story, but it certainly makes for a lot of great photo opportunities.

The garden spider is a bright lethal arachnid.  Look, it even caught a yellow butterfly.  That works nicely with a yellow post.

The surprise lily has a bright yellow center that is so cheerful.  These flowers start as thick-bladed green plants in the spring.  The plant dies down, and in August, surprise!  These long-stemmed delicate flowers seem to appear by magic.  Be careful, though because they are very poisonous.

The luffa gourd’s blossom is yellow all over.  It is bright and attracts the insects.  The gourd requires a fairly long growing season.  I started mine indoors in March.  I’m hoping we have a late freeze and I get some gourds.  They are said to  make the strongest and best natural sponges you can get.

How wonderful!  There is so much beautiful yellow out there.  It’s just a color that you have to take the time to notice.

Now it’s time to head over to Jenny’s and read some more posts for Alphabe-Thursday!

26 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. What a fun yellow stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday’s Rainbow Summer School.

    I, too, have very little yellow in my home…unless you count the legal pads sprouting everywhere with little bits of writing on them….sigh…

    I enjoyed how you sought out this color like a treasure hunt. Very fun!

    I enjoyed my stop here today.


    PS. Well, all except the spider picture. I feel creepy crawlies on me now…spiders…ewwww….

  2. I love ducks…I especially love how they wag their little tails…I had a pet one when I was a kid…..I just told my husband about your duck and he yelled from the living room not to get any ideas….haha…
    I have been on a quest for chickens lately……

  3. I didn’t know about the lilies being poisonous. Perhaps that is why, in myths, they represent forgetfulness…

    I have added your blog to my sidebar at Word Garden. I hope that is all right. 🙂

  4. A nice assortment of yellow. I’ve noticed more butterflies in my yard this year. I see one at least every time I go out there which is kind of unusual.

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