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Dairy Goats

Today’s topic for You Capture is Everyday Things.  This summer, Iowa seems to have become a rain forest.  (You can read about the floods on my farm blog, Eden Hills.)  The umbrella is largely symbolic because the things I do every day are not conducive to carrying an umbrella.

The boots, however, are quite necessary.

Every day, I go out to the barnyard to take care of my sweet goats.  If you know about goats, they are not happy with all this rain and mud and don’t want to pose for pictures, but you still have to take care of your kids.  Notice the night’s rain still in the feed pan.

Millie’s milk is spoken for right now, but she is one of my milking nannies.  I am training Jilly to be a milking nanny. That means every morning and night I use the stanchion my dad and I made to help with training.  I so wish I could do the milking without the stanchion.

It is pretty much impossible to get great pictures with all the mud right now.  I would also like to add that the chicken does not get milked; although I do have a couple that like to “help”.  Once we get the milk inside,

we filter and store it in the cute little milk tote.  When I get a gallon, then we turn it into all kinds of delicious dairy treats.  In the picture is mozzarella cheese.  That’s every day with the dairy goats!

Head over to I Should Be Folding Laundry to see some everyday thing photos that have less mud.

16 thoughts on “Dairy Goats

  1. This is part of the reason that I love blogging…I get to see parts of the world that I might never have seen before…and different types of lives. I live in the city so this farming lifestyle is foreign to me, but you made me feel like I was a part of it!

  2. Oh you just HAD to! I so want goats for making cheese but right now I already have my hands full. Your chickens are gorgeous, by the way.

  3. Thanks for your everyday things….I love seeing them and the resulting cheese looks delicious.
    I’m sorry you’re deep in mud. We here in Maine are enjoying a very sunny, yet hot summer. Last year however, we were the mud babies. Here’s hoping for better and drier times ahead.

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