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The Way Out

Sarah lay in her bed wishing the day had never happened. She felt the pain in her ribs and worried they were broken, but she couldn’t go to the doctor. If she did, he’d kill her. She wanted to leave, but he would hunt her down. She saw no other way out.  She’d kill him.

She waited and pretended that everything was just like always-she was quiet and submissive and never flinched when he called her stupid.  She waited and healed without having gone to the doctor.  She waited until the time was right.  When she could wait no more, Sarah walked silently out to the garage and found the old rusty pipe from where they had replaced the well last summer.

She would wait no more to start living her life without fear.  She had to begin being brave as she walked back into the house because if she failed, she would be the one to die.  Slowly, Sarah opened the door to the bedroom where he slept.  She crept closer, lifted the pipe above her head, and struck out with all her pent up anger and rage and humiliation.  Then, for the first time in years, she sat on the floor and cried.

This piece was written for Magpie Tales.  Thanks to Willow for providing the picture for inspiration.  Visit her site to read more stories and poems based on the picture.

17 thoughts on “The Way Out

  1. My gosh!!! This was gruesome, but at least she is free now!
    I think that the worst kind of theft, is the theft of freedom!
    A really well written story here… gave me the shivers!

  2. I think you did a very nice job of not overemphasizing the point of the story, nor the climax. Really the point of change for the character was about a line long, leaving a lot of questions (and I mean that in the good sense) for the reader to ask themselves.

    You definitely have a finger on the pulse of good story making. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for posting.

      • This is a true story for more than one woman. It doesn’t justify violence, just emphsizes how much it takes to break another person to that point. I know and have heard many different endings to the story, and most are not any less violent to the woman herself.


  3. it’s so hard if you see no other way to escape than murder – but i guess there are more people like that than we would think. This was an excellent write!

  4. i agree with CM…this is a tough pace to be when you see no way out and you are being abused…that last line really got me…

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