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15 thoughts on “Flood

  1. Aaahh.. when mother nature shows her wrath, we are but tiny insignificant creatures in her path…
    Such a powerful depiction of this enormity!! Brilliant!

  2. Flood, earthquakes, hurricanes..more than bombs..probably more than wars have disrupted the serenity of our blue planet. In H2O the source of life and possible destruction. Good poetic observation. Thanks

  3. oh i have lived through a few floods and cleaned up after several…so sad the devastion they can cause…also a great metaphor. smiles. nice one shot!

  4. This Moon is getting loopy. I addressed to the wrong person but I believe the poem was etched by the picture

  5. The picture had me torn up as it was
    Add the words by the word master and it’s misery here on the moon

    loved it shay and thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Mooonie smiles

  6. Wow, quite the flood in the picture. Makes me think of nature’s “surge” to go along with the WMD line. Your lines capture the fury of the flood in the photo.
    Happy One Shot!

  7. Mother Nature definitely had the first “weapons of mass destruction” – wonderful line! She never fails to amaze me and there are times when she definitely terrifies me.

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