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a mother’s prayer

i wonder if I am completely insane

wishing and praying in vain

to see my beautiful baby dead

feels like a shot in the head

now each morning comes with dread

if only it could be me instead

i’d give anything to bring her back

for a mother’s love she did not lack

i feel my heartbeat begin to wane

the exploding in my brain

soon I’ll be with her once more

we’ll be together forever more

This is a part of One Shot Poetry.  Visit their site for more poems.

21 thoughts on “a mother’s prayer

  1. Okay…this was sad and shocking! I think it’s the worst thing a mother can ever feel or see..

    And the way you brought it across, did it for me! It’s worrisome…
    Very nicely written though!!!

  2. Some pain is too great to bear. This poem reflects that agony too well.

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot
    wouldn’t it be nice if there were no suffering in our world??

    Moon tear

  3. This is so heartbreaking. I know this was like a shot to the heart for every parent among us. I lived in fear as my children grew, so afraid I would lose one, so anxious for the day I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. No one ever told me that day never comes.

  4. Oh my goodness, I feel like I’ve been shot in the head or something with this unexpected… awfulness (I can’t find words)… and the way it’s written, it’s like a runaway train dragging the reader under with its force. Heartbreaking, yes.

  5. So sad it is to lose a child. I work in a NICU and this happens a lot in that setting…and never fails to break my heart. You wrote this terrific, but what a sad One Shot…

  6. talon said it but this one crushed me…i hate to see babies pass on…and can not imagine..my mom lost her first and then came me…i am glad she carried on…nice one shot…

  7. Oh my goodness, Teresa, but this is heartbreaking! The thought of losing a child and then taking a life to be with that child…well, if there’s something beyond heartbreaking this is it.

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