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Fading Friends

Once friends, we faded apart.

I went on my way,

and you went about your business.

It didn’t seem strange at first;

e-mails and phone calls kept us in touch.

Then we vowed to find time for lunch.

It never seemed to happen:

kids, work, weather, and all kinds of little things.

Then we stopped calling with exciting news,

even though we thought about sharing.

Our lives drifted different directions,

and I wonder what you are doing today.

I’d call just to see, but I don’t want to intrude.

This is strange considering how close we were.

Once friends, we faded away.

This poem is submitted to One-Shot Wednesday.  Head over to see all the great poets who contribute to this meme.

13 thoughts on “Fading Friends

  1. Yes, I know your words as well. It is sad, but the saying goes that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It can be a surprise when one we think of as a lifetime friend fades away to a season past. Somehow a reason to it all…

  2. Ohhh!! This happens to so many of us!! We mean to, but somehow, we don’t…
    How well you have captured this awkwardness, and the drifting feeling…
    Sad… but beautiful!!!

  3. I agree hearing your voice would be sheer delight
    Friendships change don’t they
    this was a beautiful statement and reminder

    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    moon smiles

  4. Oh, Teresa, this all so very true. And sad how easy it is for a friendship to dissolve. But if there is a friend you’re missing, I hope you do pick up the phone because I’m positive they would never consider it an intrusion, but a delight to hear your voice.

  5. Excellent subject and well written. It’s a question we all have as way leads on to way. But their is joy in social media when one finds old best friends. My college best friend now living in New Hampshire found me last week on Facebook. She had posted a picture of her family. The same girl..just a little older 🙂 Lovely piece. Thank you. Gay (@beachanny)

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