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When I Leave my Body

When I leave my body

And it turns moldy,

I will not care.

I will have no earthly concerns;

Bills and jobs and worries

Will all mean nothing to me.

Jealousy and regret will be replaced

In my heart with joy and forgiveness.

As my corporeal being

Rots in the grave,

I will be flying freely

Through the otherworld.

I’ll reunite with family

Who passed before me.

My parents and grandparents;

My first love, lost too early.

My long departed, loyal animal friends

Will be there to greet me.

Barking and meowing; mooing and quacking

Will resonate through the skies.

We will celebrate a fabulous reunion

As my physical form composts,

Enriching the soil.

I’ll come back to visit

Those who are still in the earthly realm:

My son; my best friend; my lover.

I’ll drop a penny in front of each

To let them know

I am still thinking of them.

Hopefully, they will not spend

Too much time missing me

Because it will seem like an instant

Compared to the infinity

We will share when

We have all returned home

And a dainty flower grows upon my grave.

This poem is a part of the Monday Potluck.  Be sure to visit for many more poems, or write your own to link up.

23 thoughts on “When I Leave my Body

  1. Your words are like a breath of fresh air.. So lively and so rich.. Oh yeah, death frees us all. How I so wish to comeback after my death and stay around.. hahhaha
    I won’t have anyone to meet; yet I wish to do that. Maybe I’ll go young…oops!! here I go again- carried away..
    That’s Life and my mind.. very well done.. I loved your lines.. 🙂


  2. Teresa, a really thought-provoking poem. And so true, too, that what worries our beings now will be of no concern when we pass over. I really enjoyed this even though the subject matter is always a bit sobering. 🙂

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