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One Shot Wednesday

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The ringing in  my ears signals

the start of the insanity.

Little bodies swarming in a sea.

Arms and legs flailing against

each other and everything in their path.

Screaming and shouting;

seething mass of humanity.

Adolescent angst abounds

causing drama above and beyond belief.

A frantic race from bell to bell,

my days fly by.

I wonder how I ended up

in a role that leaves me so abused.

Yelling, swearing, insulting;

tipping desks and throwing books.

How does this belong in a civilized society?

I have to share this photo even if it isn’t for the poem.  My dog loves apples.  As I was taking the picture above, I had to keep telling Mushu the apple wasn’t for him.  I got two pictures taken before I lost my prop!  That wouldn’t be a big deal, but I had already given him one.

27 thoughts on “One Shot Wednesday

  1. Well the poem caught my attention of the young ones in school, and it was well written, but your dog captured my heart, with his little dark nose, and big apple, he would be fun a the party dunking for apples.

    Nicely done one shot,


  2. Schoooooooooooll… Did my mom think the same when I was younger?!? heheh… I guess so 🙂
    Lovely one shot! That angst is so perfectly conveyed! I hear ya, Teresa! 🙂
    And the pic of your dog and prop before it got “lost”, is AWESOME! 🙂

    Hang in there, girl… this too shall fly 😉

  3. Did a middle school tour at the art museum today (I’m a docent). ’bout describes it, without the bells. Still pretty manageable in the first half of 6th grade, though.
    Well-described. It only took me 2 lines to figure out where it was going.

    • Field trip days kill me with BD kids, but sometimes, they end up being the best behaved and it’s other kids that turn into the naughty ones. Go figure.

  4. I don’t know which I liked better – the poem or the shot of your dog’s prop-theft. But you know what they say about children and animals on stage? I’m afraid your dog won this one.
    great poem – gave a different point of view of the school environment, letting us non-teachers understand how it can feel. Brave woman. Sweet Dog.

  5. Interesting to hear the perspective of a teacher in today’s schools. (One can only imagine)

    Dexter, my basset hound, likes tomatoes of all things – we caught him stealing them from our garden last year. Now we give him one on occasion, like a treat.

    Nice One Shot, Teresa!

  6. Could never be a teacher…at least with dogs you can send them to time out and they do not swear at you…cute picture…bkm

  7. “How does this belong in a civilized society?”
    Students and educators both deserve greater funding and understanding from their communities and elected supers. It is amazing to me how many teachers enter the profession to make a difference and end up feeling abused by the system from day one.

    Thanks for sharing your poem:)

  8. I think teaching would be a lovely profession if it weren’t for parents and politics.

    Lovely poem. Great pix too. I’m so glad you posted the one of Mishu stealing another apple. Good dog. Fun photo. Love it … He’s just being true to himself. Lesson there.

    Happy Potluck and Happy Rally ..

  9. middle school BEH…wow. i do in home counseling…you probably would not be doing it if you did not love it though…it can be hard…but so rewarding..nice one shot

  10. Those rascals they will run you ragged every time but I know how much good a teacher does for the future generation

    thanks for sharing with One shot

    Moon smiles

  11. Wow – that does sound abusive and sort of scary!

    I had to laugh at the Mushu the apple stealer. For our labradoodle, Charlie, it’s bananas…she loves them and will appear out of nowhere when she knows you are eating one – lol!

    • Oh, boy, this one touched very close to home. My daughter has is just beginning a journey along the road you have traveled. Armed with an English degree, she began her teaching career at the middle school level. She is now half way finished with her Master’s in Moderate Special Needs (MSN) Education, and just started a new job as an MSN. So far, she loves the kids, especially those in middle school. I wonder how she’ll feel after 17 years.

      • I love teaching, but the politics have become horrible. There are so many adults besides me that dictate what goes on in my classroom, and we end up doing a disservice to kids. The kids are not held accountable for their behavior, and they run wild. It’s very frustrating. Hopefully, the tide will turn and things will even out again.

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