Drawing the Elementals

It’s time for the Monday Poetry Potluck again.  This is my entry for the theme of the elements:  Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Please visit JinglePoetry for more entries.


As a solitary witch, she knew

she would need help to combat

the evil possessing her mind in such a horrible way.

Within the safety of her magic circle–

above, below and around–

she began her call

to the elementals to assist her.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

She turned to face the north

and began to chant with a soft voice.

“Earth, grounding, centering,

and healing, give me strength

to banish the evil from my life.”

A green mist rose from the large granite stone

placed at the base of an oak tree and

enveloped her as the Earth

elementals answered her call.

She turned to the east at this time pitch black,

but where in a few hours

the sun would rise, and drew in her breath.

“Air, gentle yet powerful, come and join

me with your frenzied intensity.”

The winds began to pick up like a

giant eagle’s wings were beating powerfully.

in response to her request.

A sulfurous yellow mist swirled

in a tornado around her form,

carrying her hair from her shoulders

and spinning it around her face.

Another quarter turn to the south

where she could see the full moon

as it crossed the summer night’s sky.

She lit the small red candle and

began her request to the Fire elementals.

“Fire bring me power to scorch my enemies;

purify my intent not to harm

but to heal and render harmless.”

The flames of the tiny candle grew

beyond their capabilities to shine and

a red smoke encircled her head

in a translucent crimson halo

as an affirmative response.

Finally she turned to the west

and spoke to the Water elementals.

“Powerful and mysterious,

I seek the fluidity of your element

to sneak upon my enemies,

beautiful feminine wiles bely your ruthless nature.”

A pale blue fog crept from the ground

whispering yes, an answer to her request.

It grew in height and mixed

with the other colors floating around her.

She returned her gaze to the north,

completing her circle and raised her arms high.

“Lord and Lady, I will try to be worthy of

the elementals help as I go into psychic battle.

With the help of the elements,

I will banish the demons from my mind.”

The pace of the colorful swirls continued

to grow in speed and intensity

until she was the center of a furious vortex of color:

Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue.

Arms stretched upwards to the full moon,

she saw the demons were of her own creation

the darks side of her personality, long repressed.

The power of the elementals was intensely strong;

She was no match for their magic.

She fell to the ground in a crumpled heap,

all at once feeling the heat and pain of a burning fire,

mixed with the sensation of drowning,

not being able to draw in a breath

despite the stabbing wind battering her face.

She suddenly became aware of the cool earth against her cheek.

Her flailing arms reached for the ground,

and the spinning in her head began to subside.

She felt the energy flowing from the earth

into the palms of her hands, up her arms,

and into her fevered brain.

She continued to pull in the healing,

grounding energy from the earth

until she once more felt as though she belonged on this earth.

It was with a strange calm, not felt for months,

that she thanked the Elementals for their healing.

How long would her torturous thoughts have continued

had she not drawn upon the energy and

help of the elementals

to bansih her own negative thoughts?

Now that she knew her own thoughts were

causing her pain, she knew that she could always

banish the hurtful thoughts from her brain.

Saturday Centus

This was written for Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus.  She has generously given us the picture as a prompt to write a story in up to 100 words.  For more of these short stories, click here.

The Choice

I was trying to find the perfect pumpkin, like so many others that came to the pumpkin farm.  Most people went for the nice, round ones.  Some preferred the taller ones.  I too was thinking about my perfect pumpkin, but then I noticed the one that had the funny shape.  The back looked like it had been in some freak accident.  I didn’t think anybody would want such a pumpkin.  It reminded me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, and I knew it would be going home with me as a way to celebrate the diversity in all of God’s beings.