Unremarkable Day

It was an unremarkable day,

with no extraordinary events.

This was not a day for dazzling silver lined clouds

heralding the arrival of angels.

No, this was any old ordinary day.

This was not a day for a brilliant red ending,

flames shooting across the sky.

There was no need for fireworks or celebration.

Pinks and purples and blues

had no place in such a mundane day.

Without flash or fanfare,

the sun simply sank below the horizon,

beautiful in its simplicity,

pale yellow fading to unremarkable gray.

This poem is a part of One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry.  Be sure to visit the site for more poems.


This week’s theme at Perceptive Perspective is Landscapes.  With the acquisition of another 68 acres, I’ve been going crazy taking landscape pictures.

Even though I plan on getting rid of them, the scrub and dead trees make interesting pictures.  Hopefully, I will replace them with big beautiful shade trees.

We are just starting to see a hint of color in the trees.  I love the bright green of the pasture that had already been mown for hay.

I just love the old farmer on the old tractor.  Truly, the variety of colors and textures in our Iowa fields and pastures are amazing.  I think I might live in the most beautiful place in the world.

I decided to take my camera and actually leave my property!  This one isn’t exactly a landscape.  I know it isn’t a cityscape.  It’s more of a smalltownscape.  At least these trees are starting to turn.

One of my favorite places off the farm to take pictures is at the marsh just a few miles from my home.

I love the beauty of this place.  It is usually quiet and peaceful.  I’m certainly going to have to go back soon when the trees are more brilliantly colored.

Soon, I will see geese resting here on their migration south.

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