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Today, I want to get on my high horse and complain about the state of education, but I’m afraid it would be so long that nobody would want to read–perfect opportunity to make sure I don’t get too long-winded:  a Friday Flash 55!


Lord of the Flies comes to my mind as I watch kids take control of the school and run amuck.

Hurling personal insults today; I wonder what they will be  throwing my way tomorrow.

More hurtful words, or will they escalate to physical violence.

Every way I see the ending, I come out as Piggy.


Today’s Flash 55 is for G-Man also known as Mr. KnowItAll.  If you or someone has written a story in exactly 55 words, let him know about it.  Come join the fun!

11 thoughts on “Piggy

  1. Oh boy — and here I was considering a career change to teaching!

    (and I was expecting Miss Piggy, oops)

    When I read of the bullying going on in schools, and the suicides, and the shootings, I do worry about the country’s future. Something’s gone terribly wrong. Great 55!

  2. There has been much in the press recently of bullying taken to the extreme. It is truly horrible, the things some kids will do to make themselves feel big at another’s expense. 😦

  3. I went to parent/teacher conferences yesterday – what a mad house! From what my son tells me, I’m glad I’m not the one in school!

  4. With a MFA in Music Ed, I lasted ONE WEEK in a local high school! Then went back to less stressful violin playing. My degree is in a dresser drawer under 12 pair of socks…

    GOOD ’55’…I LOVE reading these (for one thing they are all short, even MINE!!!)

    NOTE: I write braille, and for years sent mail to Pop for free, but HE had to put a stamp on his own typewritten letters to me! Funny!


    • That is so funny about the mail. I used to get and read my neighbors’ mail to them (both were blind) and always had tons of heave books on tape to carry.

  5. Education? Tough one these days. There are some wonderful teachers and people doing the best they can, yet we are letting a lot of our kids down. I guess like anything — its about each of us manning-up and doing our best for the greater good.

    Wait — my comment is getting much longer than 55 words. Is that okay?? 😉

    You are so special!


  6. Teresa, reading this really scares me – for you personally having to put up with such blatant disrespect and for the state of the world.

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