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Assateague Beach

Magnificent ship tossed along the rough seas.

The Spanish galleon carrying ill-gotten gold

struggles to stay afloat.

In the hold deep below the water line,

little ponies struggle to stay on their feet.

The tossing and churning of the sea threatens to

take all passengers–human and horse–

to the depths of the ocean.

A cry of “Land ho!” gives rise to hope, yet

with ear-popping explosions, the ship

is ripped in two, sending pirates and ponies

flailing into the rugged seas.

Each one on his own, they make for the small dot of land.

One by one human and horse begin to go down,

down below the sea,

down to the sandy floor,

down to become fodder for fish.

Only a lucky few ponies manage to swim to the island.

The morning brings calm to the beach,

and a small band begins to explore the salt marshes.

Without pirate keepers, the ponies enjoy a wild freedom

to sleep on the beach and munch on the grasses

with nary a thought to their lost masters.

So their lives continue from season to season and

generation to generation, a new home for centuries to come.

I was lucky enough to visit both the Maryland and Virginia sides of Assateague Island several years ago, and I was completely enchanted with its beauty as well as the ponies who still live on the island.  It is certainly a place I would love to return to some time.  When the theme for this week’s Monday Potluck was announced as “beaches and mountains” I knew immediately, I wanted to write about this remarkable place.

For more information on the Assateague ponies, click HERE.

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25 thoughts on “Assateague Beach

  1. Amazing poem! Perfect for potluck…plus you have no idea how bad I want to visit this island…I feel like I got a bit of a tour through your words…All The Wild Horses by Ray Lamontagne at link below! Enjoy

  2. A wonderful one again here!! Ponies are so nice.. You have the rare ability to whip a poem with words with what you have in mind so beautifully..
    Happy Potluck

  3. this is a wonderful poem! I like the time frame of the story. I also love the pics, as I am fascinated by wild horses. Bravo!

  4. Beautiful work! Like where you went with the theme–sounds like a wonderful place, with a lot of rich history, and you depict it splendidly. Great imagery.

  5. Felt as if I was there in the moment with you, an absolute stunning poem, so beautifully written. Would love to be there and expreience it one day! Thanks for linking with potluck my dear friend xxx

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