One Shot Wednesday Week 15

It is once again time for week 15 of One Shot Wednesday!  Write a poem, link up and visit other poets.

A long illness;

A slow demise.

How am I supposed to feel?

If only someone could tell me.

Mind and body, I am worn out;

Tired from two years of caring and grieving,

bathing, feeding, dressing.

Day after day

unending care to the end.

Watching her body diminish in strength and size,

wishing I could somehow help.

When death finally came, I could no longer feel

the sorrow that everyone expected of me.

The guilt of feeling relief at her passing

is doubled by the guilt of outliving my child.

Perceptive Perspectives: Vivid Colors

This week’s theme for Perceptive Perspectives is Vivid Colors.  This is certainly the season for vivid fall colors.

Hendrickson Marsh is very beautiful right now.

A whole stack of mini-pumpkins is certainly bright!  It’s a bonus that they come from my garden.

I loved the contrast of the bright red leaves, green and yellow leaves mixed in and the blue sky.

More red leaves:  these were in Ashton Wildwood Park, and they just jumped out from the bark where they were lying.

Another vivid orange–this time from a bonfire.

Finally, with harvest season, it wouldn’t be complete without a bright blue sky as the background for the John Deere green.

Be sure to visit Hollie at New2Baby Cakes for more pictures with vived color.