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Dancing in the darkness,

my mind wanders through a dream.

Delightful drink of wine

during a first date;

the dream changes directions.

Feeding bread to ducks

down by the pond

watching them dive  down.

Rolling over discloses a new dream.

A dusky dark night reveals

a demon dislodged from

deep within my soul.

Dangerous and dark,

I desire to wake up

and fear this dream doesn’t end

Is this a demon I’m destined to become?

Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday is featuring the letter D this week.  Click HERE to visit other Delightful D posts!


19 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Whoa!!! What a sudden change! But then, that’s exactly how dreams are! I think you have pictured and portrayed them perfectly, Teresa… and boy!!!! This one was certainly vivid.. AND SCARY towards the end!!!

  2. You perfectly expressed the classic dilemma of the duo dream. We are happily chugging along loving our sub-conscious and then ‘BAM!’

    What a great description of something we all seem to have experienced.

    Such a wonderful poetic stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “D”.

    Thank you for linking.


  3. A very interesting dream! Objects seem to regularly change in dreams. One second you are holding a spoon to eat with, and the next second the spoon has changed to a totally unrelated object! Good post!

  4. Oh, I hate when dreams slip into nightmares! You captured that perfectly here! Great poem, Teresa! And that picture just adds a whole other element – gave me chills!

  5. hmmm … i’m kinda speechless … i loved the first part … it took me away from real life … the second part brought me back to real life … i think most of us think have our own demons to deal with … well i guess i am not speechless … and now i gotta say i really enjoyed this poem … well done!

  6. Very descriptive poem!
    I could hear the clinking of glasses & nervous laughter, to the quacks & splashing of ducks, to the sinister demonic cackles & lapping flames!!
    Great D

  7. I love how the two parts of the dreams are so different. It emphasizes each part nicely. Well done and thanks for sharing!

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