Song of my Heart

poetry sings the song of my heart

whether it is a bright catchy tune

or a slow mournful ballad

sharing my heartsong keeps the smile on my face

sharing my heartsong brushes the tears from my cheeks

poetry sings the song of my heart

whether it is an angry explosion of rap

or a soothing melodic sonata

sharing my heartsong releases the painful emotions

sharing my heartsong feels like a connection to the divine

poetry sings the song of my heart


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Perceptive Perspectives: Life and Death

I have spent a lot of time in cemeteries looking for family members.  Throughout the many cemeteries I’ve enjoyed the Victorian cemeteries the most.  These cemeteries were like parks with spacious lawns.  The stones have beautiful artwork with elaborate symbolism that reveal a lot about the person’s life.  I admit, none of these belong to my family, but there is something profoundly peaceful about cemeteries.

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