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Alphabe-Thursday is here again!  This week we have been assigned the letter E.  I have chosen energy for my topic.  Be sure to visit Jenny Matlock for more posts all about the letter E.

I embrace earth energy!

Sitting on the ground

hands connecting to Earth,

drawing rich grounding energy into my body-

powerful, masculine.


I embrace moon energy!

Standing under the night sky

arms reaching to Moon,

drawing light healing energy into my body-

powerful, feminine.


I embrace universal energy!

Expanding beyond my physical self

reaching deep within my Being,

drawing awesome cosmic energy into my soul-

powerful, divine.

19 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Being out of doors is definitely energizing in a way which being stuck inside is not. It’s good to be tuned in to our natural environment.

  2. I love the visual I get from your words ‘moon energy’. What a lovely, dramatic poem you have shared with us this week on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    I would very much like to be a lightening rod for energy.

    Thanks for the energetic link this week.

    I enjoyed my stop here.


  3. Wow that’s deep! I wasn’t expecting to find such a beautiful poem.
    Although today I have no energy thanks to a stinking flu bug that’s dragging me down.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. What a great E word! Some days I have lots of energy. But I think I expend it all and then I have to rest up, so I can keep going. Wonderful post! Very thought-provoking!

  5. Great poem! I embrace energy too but not quite the same kind as your poem. I embrace life energy because I definitely need it to keep up with my toddler 🙂

  6. Hello, I am curious about these electrical energy impulses in our bodies. Even when I’m sleeping I get these spasms and right before I doze off. Is that energy that heals our bodies? cool post . One type of electricity I don’t like is static hair and when you touch something and get a shock . I don’t know if that is the same kind of energy you are talking about , but oh well.

    • There are many different kinds of energy. The type I am talking about is the universal energy. It’s the energy that all things are made of if you break atoms down below the subatomic level.

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