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Mag 37: Reflections on my Soul

Reflections on my Soul

I wonder how my actions will

photo courtesy of Willow

stand up; will they  be

pristine and crystal clear,

or will they be warped to

reveal a blackened soul?

I look in the mirror and

wonder how I will stand up

when it comes to judgement day.

Daily I check to see if there

are sins written upon my face.

When I lie down in my bed

my mind wanders to the mirror.

Was that a wrinkle caused by

a sin or laugh lines from

time well-spent?  Perhaps

it is the mirror that should

be punished for constantly

passing judgement on my life.


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18 thoughts on “Mag 37: Reflections on my Soul

  1. mirrors have alot of symbolism in our life, who we are physically and spiritually….nice write out bringing this out…bkm

  2. OK. GOOD one! But my mirror DOES look old and is much cracked–because it has been looking at ME all these years. Oh, that reflection. Thank God I never look back at IT!
    Steve E

  3. If you doubt yourself,you will doubt the world. you’ll find that the eyes of one who is dear to you are nicer mirrors;) Very well written,very open,,,I loved the poem!

  4. This is pretty awesome, Teresa! I can relate to wondering if I’ll pass Judgement Jay. But somehow I feel there is a great forgiveness for me always if I admit my sins, be truly sorry for them, and accept the everloving peace that passes understanding.

    Reminds me of lyrics from one of my favorite Sunday School songs…

    I tho so unworthy
    still am a child of His care.
    for His word teaches
    me that His love reaches,

    Such a pretty hymm.

    (P.S.) I have YOUR sidebar button made and look forward to posting it in top position tomorrow morning!

  5. I understand exactly what you mean here. It would be nice if mirrors actualy were able to show more than the exterior, wouldnt it? I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

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