Orb 55

Annie’s kid, Sally, was never one to stand still and pose for pictures.  I figured I’d  get a picture while she was by her grazing mom and cousin.  When I got the pictures downloaded on my computer, I found she had two orbs floating by of her.  Probably the spirits of her aunt and cousin.

I confess this one is not fiction.  The picture is SOOC; I never edit.  You can barely see Sally behind the orbs.  Sally’s mom is the big goat on the left.  Sally was standing between where I buried her aunt and cousin (Mother and twin to the big goat on the right).  Do you have any real Halloween ghost stories?

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Thanks to Willow for the wonderful picture prompt.  Be sure to visit Magpie Tales for more stories and poems from her photo.

A blessed event turns sad
One baby already we  had
Our feelings were bliss and joy
Another child to go with our little boy
As this second birth drew near
We felt an increase in fear
The labor and birth were so bad
Towards my God I became mad
I dropped on my knees to the ground
Cursing and yelling with my fists I pound
Finally arrived our daughter all blue
Her death we knew was true
My wife was torn and bleeding
With God I began pleading
Keep her here on this Earth
Never again will I feel mirth
Still in bed she was the next day
When our daughter, we sent away
The angels came and took our girl so dear
Lucky my wife is still with me  here