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Orb 55

Annie’s kid, Sally, was never one to stand still and pose for pictures.  I figured I’d  get a picture while she was by her grazing mom and cousin.  When I got the pictures downloaded on my computer, I found she had two orbs floating by of her.  Probably the spirits of her aunt and cousin.

I confess this one is not fiction.  The picture is SOOC; I never edit.  You can barely see Sally behind the orbs.  Sally’s mom is the big goat on the left.  Sally was standing between where I buried her aunt and cousin (Mother and twin to the big goat on the right).  Do you have any real Halloween ghost stories?

This is linked to G-man’s Friday Flash 55.  Write a story in 55 words–no more and no less–and let G-man know.  Be sure to visit other 55s.

15 thoughts on “Orb 55

    • I’ve taken enough pictures to know that those orbs are usually just light reflecting off (especially when using a flash) bits of floating debris, some too small to see.

      (Outside, with goats grazing? There’s gonna be floating debris!)

      Not that I disbelieve in spirits, I just don’t think they can be photographed.

      • I have to say, I’ve taken thousands of pictures of goats in the barnyard, and I’ve never had orbs before. It was just after a rain–no dust; it was during the day–no flash or bugs that tend to look like orbs.

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