I seem to be having a hard time finding time to write and post to my blog and read and comment on everyone else’s blogs, so for this weekend, I’m combing all my posts into one series of poems.  Mystic is the topic for Haiku Heights.  Fancy is the topic for One Single Impression.  Halloween or Trick-or-Treat is the topic for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck.


Gazing into fire

I ask the fates to reveal

The future is ours

communing with the dead

spirits crossing through the veil

mystical Samhain



Wearing my blackest dress

and ceremonial jewelry,

Fancy linens and

good china on the table.

An elegant repast

fit for a queen.

We sit an extra place

for the spirits of the dead.

Food and drink to nourish

the souls of loved ones departed.

In silence we eat lest

we offend our honored guests

Thanks to the Lord and Lady:

Blessing to those who have passed

beyond the veil.


Finally the acrostic I wrote as an example for my students.

Haunted houses

Advertised on the radio;

Leaves falling all around.

Laughing, joking and planning.

Our pumpkin waits until

We can carve a crazy face.

Eventually our costume is done.

Excitement builds!

Now is the time to trick-or-treat!