Two Souls

Two souls melded into one body

Arms and legs intertwined

in a passionate embrace.

His work roughened hands

against my soft and silky skin.

Running my hands along his naked back,

drawing him deeper into my essence.

His mouth on mine melts my heart,

sparking an unquenchable flame.

Fanning flames with panting breaths

ignites my core, his core, our core.

Two souls melded into one body.


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Teresa’s Farm

cats are meowing

begging for their daily milk

pink tongues lap from bowls


dogs bark, bark, barking

prowling the premiter

always on duty


lazy llama spits

ears tip back; ears perk forward

speaking to his mood


cow and ox both moo

silhouettes in the cornfield

searching for fodder


maa, maaa go the goats

bouncing, jumping and playing

kids are nature’s clowns



dancing and calling the hens

rooster in the coop


quacking to their hens

shaking curly tail feathers

drakes waddle along


loud screaming peacock

eyes growing on tail feathers

sightless, colorful


deafening honking

massive wings beating through air

gander, goose, gosling


farmer Teresa

tending to her animals

morning, noon, and night

Saturday Centus Horoscope

This week, Jenny Matlock is changing things up for her Saturday Centus.  Still a story of up to one hundred words, but the prompt is our horoscope (or someone else’s horoscope).

Here is my horoscope for today (Click Pisces for source).

Mundane tasks, including errands and answering correspondence, might bore you all day, Pisces. You’re likely to be restless and strongly tempted to chuck it all and go somewhere to enjoy yourself. Take a good look at what you’re doing and try to judge objectively how important it is to get it done now. If it isn’t that important, then put it aside. You probably need to relax!


Day in and day out it was the same thing–up in the morning, milking, caring for the house and garden and animals.  Bedtime only meant the morning would be arriving soon, so it would all start again.  “I can’t keep doing this.  I had dreams when I was young.  I was going to travel the world!  I was going to dance, laugh and be free.”  Reading that horoscope over her morning cup of coffee was inspirational.  When he got done working for the morning, he would only find the dirty dishes.  She was on her way to Paris.