Farm Girly

This week’s Alphabe-Thursday is all about the letter G.  My entry is what it means to be girly.  Don’t forget to visit Jenny Matlock for more entries for Alphabe-Thursday.


Ribbons and lace;

Satin and curls;

Eyeliner and heels.

These are all such girly things.

But I am girly, too,

and these are not me.

I’m all about blue jeans and

a good pair of work boots;

My dog, my horse, and

driving a tractor.

You won’t find me hanging out

at the mall or on Facebook.

I’m the girl helping to bale hay

and working cows.

And I am girly too.

Don’t act like I’m not girly

just because I’m too busy

to giggle and gossip.

I have chickens to feed

and eggs to gather.

That doesn’t require

lipstick or nail polish,

only a bucket and some grain.

That is very girly if you ask me.


Take a quiz to see how girly you are.  I am 12% girly.