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Farm Girly

This week’s Alphabe-Thursday is all about the letter G.  My entry is what it means to be girly.  Don’t forget to visit Jenny Matlock for more entries for Alphabe-Thursday.


Ribbons and lace;

Satin and curls;

Eyeliner and heels.

These are all such girly things.

But I am girly, too,

and these are not me.

I’m all about blue jeans and

a good pair of work boots;

My dog, my horse, and

driving a tractor.

You won’t find me hanging out

at the mall or on Facebook.

I’m the girl helping to bale hay

and working cows.

And I am girly too.

Don’t act like I’m not girly

just because I’m too busy

to giggle and gossip.

I have chickens to feed

and eggs to gather.

That doesn’t require

lipstick or nail polish,

only a bucket and some grain.

That is very girly if you ask me.


Take a quiz to see how girly you are.  I am 12% girly.

16 thoughts on “Farm Girly

  1. 12% Accckkk!!!! Me, too! I’m gonna work on that. Really. I’m going to buy a dress or some jewelry or something.

    Or maybe I’ll just buy a composter for the garden. Yea, that would be more fun!

    What a funny stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “G”!

    This was GGGGGGreat…even though I fail at girly stuff, too!


  2. i’m 24% … funny little quiz … most of the questions really didnt apply … i like girly things, but i guess i am not that girly …

  3. I might be considered a city girl, but give me a comfortable pair of jeans anyday. That’s what I wear 99% of the time. It gets warm here, but I wear jean shorts too! Living on a farm sounds like fun to me, but I’m sure the hard work would wear me out in no time.

  4. All my life I’ve been a Girly Tomboy! I say it’s a Good Thing! I bet you do too. Always loved to feed the chickens and gather the eggs. You go Girly! Loved the poem and the quiz…it works for more of us than just the teens….LOL!

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