This week, the topic for Monday Poetry Potluck is Fortresses, Buildings, and Monuments.  Be sure to visit Jingle Poetry for more poems.


war rages around

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

civil strife destroys

young life is over

who he is we do not know

the unknown soldier

one of many lost

mother, sisters, and lover

wonder where he lies

headstones and statues

grace a peaceful battlefield

monuments of war


Jenny Matlock hosts Saturday Centus.  She provided a prompt that is to be used exactly as presented in a story of no more than 100 words.  Today’s prompt is in bold.  If you would like to participate or read other entries, head over to her blog, Off On My Tangent.


Selma walked through the house looking at the dust gathering on the banister.  She made a note that she would have to dust before the evening’s event.  It wouldn’t do to have a dusty house for the dinner party.  She went to the kitchen and didn’t understand why she couldn’t smell her chicken roasting.  Surely it should be smelling savory and succulent by now.  Puzzled, she opened an empty oven and began to feel a panic rising inside her.  Time passed and her husband didn’t come home.  Little did she realize, it was the eleventh anniversary of her death, and nobody was coming.