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Once a majestic home

built with love and care

by his father with the

intent to serve generations,

it’s fancy windows and rounded walls

made it the envy of all.

Time passed and the farm grew

crops and cattle and children.

A bounteous harvest to make

any man proud, year after year.

But all things change with the

passing of the seasons,

and they moved away to a

newer home with way more high-tech

comforts to pamper the aging farmer.

For the children had gone away and

the cattle and crops were all sold.

Retirement to town for ease

meant selling the old home place.

There was nobody left to embrace

the life and home of a farmer.

The ravages of time have taken their toll.

Now, the house is lying in a heap.

The only reminder of it’s glory

is the stairway to the sky.

This poem is linked to the Monday Poetry Potluck.  Be sure to visit and read check out the many poets who share their work here.  Write a poem of your own and link up.

12 thoughts on “Stairway

  1. Thank you so very much for your participation at Jingle Poetry potluck… with the solid support you give to us, we are able to keep going in the coming weeks.
    Blessings fly your way, hope you well. Look forward to seeing you again.
    Always, your talent is recognized, keep writing.

  2. Teresa, you have the talent to capture even the saddest of realities with much power!

    Very well written.. Have been keeping crazily occupied- hence a late one- aaah excuses.. lolss

    Love My Dear xoxox

  3. Oh… this was such a sad story… but true, many a time!
    Time may heal certain things… but it certainly weathers most!

    A very well written tale, Teresa…

    • I took the picture probably twenty years ago. That was all that was left after we tore down the farmhouse. Amazingly, there was not a single nail in it. Thanks for stopping by.

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