It’s not hard to understand

why I keep bullying–

it works!  I get my way.

Give me your lunch money,

I get my milk or I get to

beat the shit out of you;

either way I win.

It’s not my fault that someone

made me mad.  You can’t do

anything to me; I have a

diagnosis.  I’m ADHD and

I forgot to take my meds.

He looked at me wrong.

They called me a name,

so I prey on someone else.

Spic, Fag, Nigger–

I’m afraid of you because

you are different; I’ll

call you names and make

you hate yourself; Then I

gain all the power; Kill yourself

and that’s even better. I win.

Nobody can touch me;

I’m the bully because it works.

You can’t do anything to

me because I am special.

Feel sorry for me.

Pretend you don’t see what

I do because you are

afraid to make me mad.

You should be afraid.  I

hate myself, and I’ll do

anything to feel better:

I call you names.

I punch you in the face.

I talk about you.

Go cry sissy, so I can

feel better.

I bully because it works.


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