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It’s not hard to understand

why I keep bullying–

it works!  I get my way.

Give me your lunch money,

I get my milk or I get to

beat the shit out of you;

either way I win.

It’s not my fault that someone

made me mad.  You can’t do

anything to me; I have a

diagnosis.  I’m ADHD and

I forgot to take my meds.

He looked at me wrong.

They called me a name,

so I prey on someone else.

Spic, Fag, Nigger–

I’m afraid of you because

you are different; I’ll

call you names and make

you hate yourself; Then I

gain all the power; Kill yourself

and that’s even better. I win.

Nobody can touch me;

I’m the bully because it works.

You can’t do anything to

me because I am special.

Feel sorry for me.

Pretend you don’t see what

I do because you are

afraid to make me mad.

You should be afraid.  I

hate myself, and I’ll do

anything to feel better:

I call you names.

I punch you in the face.

I talk about you.

Go cry sissy, so I can

feel better.

I bully because it works.


This is linked to One Shot Wednesday.  Visit some of the greatest poets on the web–read, comment write and link up your own poem.

13 thoughts on “Bully

  1. I think you really nailed the reality behind bullying. It carries over to adulthood, too. I’ve had co-workers like this child and you just know, down deep, they are fragile.

  2. Good golly, Teresa! This was ONE STRONG SHOT!! It really hit me hard!
    I am really wondering who’s the victim here… what a sad tale! Or should I say, a sad reality?
    A really powerful choice of words too! Very nice…

  3. a bully’s life is not easy either – often it’s a case of the bullied at home becoming the bully in the schoolyard, or the powerless getting a taste of power… a vicious cycle

    nice post

  4. Bullying–it’s painful on both sides. And it’s sad that for some that is the only way they think they can get through life — with a chip on their shoulder and a vile attitude about everything and everyone.

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