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30 Posts of Truth #2

Something you love about yourself.

I am a firm believer that a person has to love oneself before they can find true happiness in the world.  This includes accepting our weaknesses and recognizing and building on our strengths.  For me, it also meant learning that I am a smart woman.  I never had any confidence in myself.  I felt dumb.  I didn’t have bad grades, but I wasn’t a straight A student either.  I struggled with the higher-level math classes.  I always thought other people were smarter.

At some point when I was taking college classes, I began to realize that I was an intelligent person.  I’m not trying to brag or say that I’m some kind of genius, but I did graduate from Iowa State University with honors.  I’m very proud of that.  I dropped out of college three times, but I continued returning.  Even when I was a single mom and working as a bartender, I kept going back to finally finish my bachelor’s degree.

After sixteen years, I graduated from Viterbo University with my Master of Arts in Education.  Going back to get that master’s degree was always in the back of my mind but life seemed to always prevent that–parenting, working two jobs, and then farming all seemed to keep pushing it off.  Finally, I jumped in without thinking too much (so I didn’t talk myself out of it), and I finally reached that goal in July, 2009.

So what do I love about myself?  I love that I have worked very hard and had the persistence to achieve AA, BA, and MA degrees.

4 thoughts on “30 Posts of Truth #2

  1. This is so true Teresa. You have to take of yourself first and foremost. Without YOU a your best, your family falters. Congratulations with your degree! The world is now yours so go for the gusto.

  2. Teresa, you have my hearty best wishes! I was in my thirties before getting my Community Eduation certificate. I’m glad you got there, too!

    • Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. And thank you so much for the great comment. I think you are the one person that reads my writing that isn’t connected to a meme.

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