This week’s prompt for One Single Impression is echoes.

A lonely V of geese flies overhead,

wings beating against the darkened skies.

Their honking is haunting yet beautiful,

A song echoed from the leader passing

through all the followers in the flock.

Encouragement for the long journey

with a promise of peaceful rest waiting at the end.

Their song resonates and remains in my soul

long after their flight takes them from my sight.


24 thoughts on “Echo

  1. How many times I attempted to take a photo of one like that of yours, I always failed. It is either only 2 left in a flock or nothing could be seen in my cam but only dark clouds…

    Your poem is very fitting with your photo…well said!

  2. as they take with them the sounds of summer and the cool nights of fall as they fly to their sanctuary of comfort. i wonder if you were inspired by an actual vision or a memory prompted this piece. wonderful in either case. take care -700

  3. Nice take on the haunting honking of geese flying overhead. I’ve heard it many times, and will hear it many more, and never tire of it. Nice piece, Razz!

    Wouldn’t “E Cho” be a funny name for a haiku poet?

  4. When I look up and see a sight such as this … something stirs inside my heart, a longing — a wish to spread my wings. I enjoyed reading this … it brought back memories.

  5. I am very familiar with Geese v shapes and their singing songs…
    perfect demonstrations of everything.
    Thanks for sharing it with potluck.

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