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Saturday Centus Week 28

Hard to believe it is already Saturday again, but I’m excited for the weekend and the bevy of writing prompts.  My favorite prose prompt is Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus.  She certainly attracts a wonderfully creative bunch of writers.  We receive a prompt that must be used exactly as written (below in blue) to tell a story in up to one hundred words, not counting the prompt.  We are not allowed to use pictures either (because that would be worth a thousand words).  Here’s my take for this week.

It was the perfect day to practice shooting.  Pheasant season was upon us and the corn had been harvested from the fields.  Paul had been waiting all summer for this time of year again.  There should be plenty of birds around to get a good shot.  His dad could never understand why he would want to use a Nikon instead of a Remington when he went looking for pheasant, but the early November sunshine cast golden rays, and it would show off the subtle colors of the hens to perfection.  The darker, vibrant colors of the rooster would show up dramatically against the backdrop of harvested corn.

22 thoughts on “Saturday Centus Week 28

  1. I have goosebumps on my arms. This totally takes me back to when I lived in Ohio and the guys would try to catch our Thanksgiving dinner…each year with no success.

    The vivid imagery you painted here with your words was amazing.


  2. Your concrete images make this piece jump off the page and become a picture. Oh, yeah, that was your intention – and you did it so well. I love the idea of hunting with a camera!

    Thanks for a great post……….cj

  3. We generally hunt with a Canon LOL. Loved this take on the prompt. My husband and I were just saying that autumn light is our favorite to shoot in! Kat

  4. I learned to shoot a gun almost 50 years ago. When I had an oppportunity to bring down a deer, I realized that I just could not do it. I never picked up a gun again.

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