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Bleeding Pain

The pain is constant; it floods

from my heart and fills my whole

being.  It is more than I can bear

and it makes me want to end it

no matter what.  The pain is

overwhelming and I think that even

death would be better than this hurt.

But I don’t want to die; this is what

I think as I slice with a razor

blade, just a fine cut that allows

the bright red pain to ooze from

my veins and the pressure is

not so bad.  I know, as the cut heals,

the pain will return.  Now, I

know how to ease it at least for a moment.


This is being submitted to Jingle’s Poetry Potluck.  Be sure to visit for more poetry.

38 thoughts on “Bleeding Pain

  1. I never understood the fasination with cutting. But, your poem gave me some more insight. The physical pain you feel from cutting takes away the emotional pain? Sad stuff. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Teresa, you have done such a good job portraying the pain that cutters and other people who suffer from this self-hatred go through. I went through this with a woman who eventually died of bulimia. This is very sad. But well-expressed.

  3. Very powerful imagery… if only death could come… Pain is a powerful feeling and it gives birth to profound thoughts… as we dig deeper inside due to pain… and touch our innerself in more acute way…
    I liked this one.. thanks for sharing..
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  4. Never tried to slash my wrist, or any other part of my anatomy, but I will tell you this: I got my first tattoo after a break-up with an ex. The break-up was so painful, I couldn’t take it, and I wanted something to do. So I got tattooed. (Wasn’t painful, though, because of the ink’s location, which was my upper back; not a lot of nerve endings there, apparently.) This is a very emotional poem, and I know all of us have had to endure pain, one way or another.

  5. Very sad piece. So many struggle with this problem. It is such a deep seeded emotional need to feel the pain, to know that you can feel and can be in control. Excellent write 🙂

  6. self mutilation, very well written, i used to suffer from it from my teenager years till my mid twenties but thank god i manage to stop, but i know so well, what u means, it could not have been express in a better way. blessings/lights, Herve/ Crowpied

  7. hmmmmmm.. Intense.. I hope all’s sorted now!!
    Any time you go through a “bald” patch, just quickly scream at my blog- I’ll rush asap.. 🙂

    Life’s too precious to be lost.. You seem to be a very brave girl.. You need to keep shining, dazzling everyone around.. 😀

    Loads of Love MyD xox

  8. Pain.. yes, it pains.. but then.. it pains so much to earth also.. still it goes on.. with the hope of joys.. yes.. hope.. whatelse..let us live on.. tolerate the pain.. it will heal itself.. no need to inflict more..nothings stays including pain.. but as a poem its amazing.. it gives soothing pain..well done..

  9. Feeling the pain and remaining frustrated by life reminds me of friends who could not handle it any more and I was helpless. Sad moments that need understanding friends.

  10. I can feel the pain as I read on,maybe because a person close to me have done the same thing over and over again.All I was able to give her was my presence.This one hit deep.

    Powerful and straight to the heart piece.

  11. I once knew a little girl, as young as eight … that butchered herself to relieve the pain, that came back again and again. By the age of fifteen, she cut too deep and went to sleep. Poems like this always remind me of how cruel life can be … and how helpless I feel.

  12. that is real pain, i once had a recovered alcholic tell me how he finally dealt with such pain- he said “I just say come on pain give me all you got, just give me all you got”…and he would cry and drain himself of all sorrow and fight for another day….we have that power with in us…that is what is so blessed…bkm

  13. It’s strange to think that one hurt eases another – I think perhaps especially when the underlying pain comes from emotional or psychological wounds, perhaps incurred in childhood. I had a friend when I was younger who would cut herself… A well-written piece.

  14. like a dagger piercing the flesh, the images pierce the mind’s eye and take me there. Fantastic write on such a hopeless circle of situations

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