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Sorry baby, you had to see me

like this.  I didn’t mean to yell

and cry in front of you.  You didn’t hear

them yelling at me at work,

telling me how worthless I am.

I couldn’t cry and yell and scream there.

I had to stand and take it.

I’m sorry baby you had to be the one

I took my pain out on.

I didn’t mean to hurt you.  I didn’t know

I was hitting you until it was too late

to stop it.  I wanted to hit the ones

who hurt me; I never meant to

take it out on you.  You didn’t

see me run into the bathroom

and cry and yell and scream

because I hurt the one I love.

I’m so sorry baby.  I don’t want

this to ever happen again,

but I don’t know how to make

them stop.  Even when I hurt

you, I love you and I am sorry.