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Sorry baby, you had to see me

like this.  I didn’t mean to yell

and cry in front of you.  You didn’t hear

them yelling at me at work,

telling me how worthless I am.

I couldn’t cry and yell and scream there.

I had to stand and take it.

I’m sorry baby you had to be the one

I took my pain out on.

I didn’t mean to hurt you.  I didn’t know

I was hitting you until it was too late

to stop it.  I wanted to hit the ones

who hurt me; I never meant to

take it out on you.  You didn’t

see me run into the bathroom

and cry and yell and scream

because I hurt the one I love.

I’m so sorry baby.  I don’t want

this to ever happen again,

but I don’t know how to make

them stop.  Even when I hurt

you, I love you and I am sorry.

20 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Transfered aggression…even worse, transfered to a love one…you wrote it outstandingly but I wouldnt want to be in this situation, likewise wish it for anybody else…well done.


  2. An honest to goodness write!It is true.We hurt ourselves more when we hurt the ones we love.But indeed it is a cruel word,and a stessful one.Sometimes we do take out our frustrations on those we treasure the most.Sad,but indeed true!

  3. Aww.. this was so honest, Teresa.. I really liked the truthfulness about this poem!
    So often, we find vent out all our inner furies on our dear ones.. we know they would understand.. or maybe we just take them for granted…
    Either ways, we regret it later…
    Gee.. I wish we had more control over our emotions (and actions).. so that we make any regrettable decision…

    A very nice poem about something all too real!!

  4. Honest look at what love can sometimes be, putting up with each others’ inconvenient moods and quirks/annoyances. . . for every piece of crap Hallmark verse, there should be an honest, emotionally-raw work like this to galvanize readers.


  5. Looking at the pain from all sides ought to make it hurt less, but the sense of powerlessness, the feeling of being caught in a trap, is the strongest here…lots of conflict and food for thought.

  6. sometimes dealing with ourself and learning to love what is in our own skin is the only way we can control hurting someone else….love is having to say your sorry…often…bkm

  7. gives another element of the abuse issue – an underlying cause with no outlet

    You handled it so well

    Nice One Shot

    moon smiles

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