The Witching Hour

picture courtesy of Willow at Magpie Tales.

The witching hour would be here soon, and there was so much left to do out here under the full moon.  Smudging and setting out the candles had to come first.  Then the altar would be prepared–water, salt, a pentacle.   Everyone would begin to arrive and the circle would be cast, invoking the protection of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.  The god and goddess would be blessed and energy raised.  Drumming and dancing, raising more and more energy.  Around the circle the whole coven would dance to the beat of the drums.  Finally, when the circle was filled to bursting with amazing power, the energy would be released to send healing and love to Mother Earth.  Yes, there was much to do before the witching hour.


This is linked to Magpie Tales, hosted by Willow.  Click here to find more stories and poems based on this picture.


Inside each of us

Nestles those things

Special to our hearts,

Personal totems carried

Inside our souls

Reminding us our

Ambitions need to

Take us closer to our love.

Intuition will guide

Our journey to

Never-ending peace.

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