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Maybe I’m an overachiever, or maybe it was just the day I had (being trained in de-escalation and physical management techniques), but I have two 55s here.  Maybe I just can’t follow rules.  Nah, couldn’t be.  I guess this is just for this week and next week since there won’t be a Flash 55 next week.  Be sure to head over to G-Man‘s for more of the most creative writing  in exactly 55 (or 110) words you could ever want.


Eight hours of inservice to get a piece of paper saying I passed Mandt training means sitting on my butt in a freezing cold room.  I get to cover the same material for the fourth time.  For tests, they tell you the answer you missed and you fix it, or we did a group test.


I think I have to admit I have a problem or maybe two.  First I had to pack up my laptop to take to an inservice so I could check blog comments on breaks.  Second, I had to pack up my laptop to take to an inservice while everyone else had Internet on their phones.

12 thoughts on “Mandt

  1. Well, Teresa, rules are after all made to be “unfollowed” 🙂 [“broken” makes it sound too disobedient ;)]
    As for Mandt, phhhewww.. sounds like tedium!! And to add to it, cold rooms!! Brr….
    But yea, as a user of a phone with a data plan, I can tell you how much I appreciate it!!
    I can sooo relate to both your 55 (though not Mandt, and a coupla years back maybe)

  2. That Mandt stuff sounds boring…and a cold room would definitely not improve it! And I had to laugh at the laptop. I don’t own a cell phone (or a crackberry or any of that type of thing) so if I had to have internet access, I’d have to do the same thing with the laptop.

  3. lol! I don’t have internet on my phone either. It’s bad enough I have to text on those little buttons!
    Great 55 (‘s) lol

    Thanks for visiting me…and I laughed at your comment. I have a cop dad too!

  4. Loved your 110 Teresa!!!
    (Furls an eybrow at YOU)

    ((Just Kidding))

    But I did like your 2nd one a bit better.
    Thanks for playing, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  5. It has gotten so bad at my workplace that they have banned all cell phones. You may use them, but only during lunch and on meal breaks. I can understand as I’ve fallen in love with Andy (my android) and have become addicted to my Sodoku app.

  6. I tend to break the rules. So join the rest of us. sorry you had to sit thru a ridiculous in-service. Hate sitting thru them – love teaching them (I give prizes and my objective is for people to learn “something”)

    happy weekend
    will hopefully see you on Monday

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