With eager steps, the apprentice

follows the master, watching and

learning with each step.  Ingredients

are gathered and gently prepared

for the elixir.  Carefully, the master

guides his young apprentice to

combine them all together,

but it is the master who adds the

magical final ingredient.

Bubbling and fizzing and fermenting.

The glass vessel is placed in a cool dark

location to be tended occasionally.

The apprentice checks daily and is

fascinated to watch magic at work.

Eventually, the potion is completed.

Master and apprentice share the

potion, raising their glasses together

and giving thanks to the gods.

Magical and intoxicating wine;

a new master vintner is in the making.

This weeks topic for One Single Impression is apprentice.  Monday Poetry Potluck‘s theme is Magic & Miracles, Wonder & Wizardry.

Haiku Heights

a stranger visits

one does not belong out here

human or the deer

Today’s theme for Haiku Heights is stranger.  I have to confess, I’m still so excited about being out with the deer in my pasture this afternoon, that I probably could have used them for any theme.  Be sure to visit Haiku Heights to see how stranger inspired other poets.