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Teresa’s Farm

cats are meowing

begging for their daily milk

pink tongues lap from bowls


dogs bark, bark, barking

prowling the premiter

always on duty


lazy llama spits

ears tip back; ears perk forward

speaking to his mood


cow and ox both moo

silhouettes in the cornfield

searching for fodder


maa, maaa go the goats

bouncing, jumping and playing

kids are nature’s clowns



dancing and calling the hens

rooster in the coop


quacking to their hens

shaking curly tail feathers

drakes waddle along


loud screaming peacock

eyes growing on tail feathers

sightless, colorful


deafening honking

massive wings beating through air

gander, goose, gosling


farmer Teresa

tending to her animals

morning, noon, and night

24 thoughts on “Teresa’s Farm

  1. 100% delightful!!! This was one of the sweetest poems I have read in the entire day, Teresa!!
    Have a GREAT TIME with your 4-legged and winged friends… they seem like excellent company to have!

  2. A lovely write indeed, now I miss being on the farm again – with the exception of the chicken coop, I still have nightmares about cleaning those out…..

  3. Cute! We live with ducks, chickens and a peacock that came out of nowhere and has just stayed. And the community here have an orchard and very productive vegetable gardens. I’m a country boy at heart… London did my head in…

    Nice, Teresa

    Warm regards


    (mine are here –

  4. With all those creatures to take care of and watch it’s a wonder you have time for writing anything. I also liked the children’s rhyme feel and the quick thumbnail images, especially the peacock.

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