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If I were to believe the news,

I would become jaded.

Murder, war, theft–

they are all top stories.

Neglect, animal cruelty, violence–

these have become the norm.

People’s pain is broadcast for

the emotional effect, but I’ve

become jaded to these things.

Starving animals and children

no longer catch my attention;

they are seen every day on television,

and I pay no heed to them.

Nope-what gets my attention

is the dainty blue flowers

growing beneath the lilac bush.

That’s a wondrous cure

for my jaded heart.


This week’s letter for Alphabe-Thursday is J.  Be sure to visit Jenny Matlock for more posts brought to you by the letter J.

11 thoughts on “Jaded

  1. What an absolutely perfect post for Alphabe-Thursday.

    I feel this so often…it is the shock value of everything surrounding us that makes us jaded. That’s why I try to not watch the news and keep my head in the sand. Then I can enjoy all the wonderful things and mourn the passing of so many small losses.

    Thank you for linking this week.

    This was wonderful.


  2. “If it bleeds, it leads” as they say in the news business. I’m sure lots of people feel the same way about all the ‘bad’ news out there (I sure do!), but the reason they always spotlight the negativity is because that’s what most people tune in to see. (And the broadcasters know it)

    • It’s a cycle that keeps feeding itself. Wish we could break that; although some of the news stations have started devoting their last segment to good things people do. It’s a start!

  3. My heart continues to ache for the weak and the downtrodden, but I do also like to stop to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Your dainty blue flowers are certainly a sweetness to balance the sour. I’m not yet jaded… maybe because I don’t read the news. Good J word!

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