Dreams, Visions and Reveries

Jingle’s Poetry Potluck Week # is already here.  This week’s theme is “Dreams, Visions, and Reveries.”


I close my eyes and

think it’s a dream,

but I am not asleep.

I watch the vision

as it unfolds on the

back of my eyelids,

Technicolor on the big screen


In horror I watch as

a fly crawls across the fixed

eye of my goat kid.

Fear rising, I force

my eyes to open

wishing this image gone.


Five days later, I

feel helpless as I

rush to this vision,

recreated in my barnyard.

I want to open my eyes

to end the nightmare,

but this time the vision is reality.

Weekend Freedom

This is my contribution to One Single Impression.  This week’s theme is Free(dom).

Punching the time clock on Friday afternoon

releases me from obligations of the week.

So many choices on how to spend the weekend:

outing with friends,

home with family,

explore a new hobby,

catch up on cleaning,

sleep in and be lazy,

or I could rise early to explore the beauty of

the sunrise and the secrets it reveals.

This is the freedom of the weekend.