Hobbies & Passions, Pastimes & Entertainment

or Why I’m Never Bored, an Alphabetical Journey through my Life

Animals of all kinds,

let’s just say it’s a zoo!

Blogging, truly addicted and I

might need to join a help group.

Candles are so much fun to make

and watch them burn.

Dairy: milking and making yummy stuff

like cheeses and fudge.

Explaining and teaching;

it’s my job after all.

Farming:  for real, I have a farm!

Hopefully it will be my job.

Gardening, indoors and outdoors,

veggies, flowers, herbs and plants.

Healing, mostly animals but

studied Reiki and Healing Touch.

Imagining and creating things–

crafts, stories, and hopefully a business!

Junior, that is my boy,

I’m relieved he’s grown.

Keeping things and collecting,

hopefully not hoarding!

Learning throughout my life,

always looking to grow.

Meditation: so much of what I

love becomes a meditation.

Nephews are wonderful,

and I have three great ones!

Organizing: lists and lists and lists

are fun to make and cross off.

Preserving and canning my

harvest and baking goods

Quiet time, so precious, and

I never seem to get much.

Religion of my choice, Wicca

is really a way of life.

Soap making, I did melt and pour:

now trying from scratch.

Taking pictures of my animals,

farm and life–beautiful.

Understanding human nature;

I am an empath.

Vintner-making wines from my fruits

and spending time with family.

Writing about my farm and poetry,

a way to heal the soul.

Xylem because I’m a tree-hugger;

really, I have hugged trees!

Yesteryear revealed through the

genealogy of my families.

Zipping around the farm

in the Ranger is fun!


This is my contribution to Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck.  Be sure to visit for more entertaining poetry.

I Am

When I saw the topic for this week’s Poetry Potluck, I thought about the poem I wrote as an example for my students.  The assignment was to write a poem entitled I Am.  It also gave requirements for each line.  The purpose was to help the teacher get to know the students.  Mine really does tell what I am passionate about, so I am borrowing it from the “About” page of my farm blog.  As a rare treat (to show you how passionate I am about my goats) a picture that actually includes me.

I Am

I am a goat herder, a nature lover, a tree-hugger.

I wonder if goats see in vivid Technicolor or if their lives are grayscale.

I hear the crying of the Earth as we pollute and destroy her natural beauty.

I want to spend my days surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.

I am a goat herder, a nature lover, a tree-hugger.

I pretend my animals are the teachers and ponder the lessons they would teach.

I feel the love Millie has for her new born kid and her entire family circle.

I touch the souls of my loved ones and know their feelings.

I worry about what the world will look like in ten, fifteen, or twenty years.

I cry at the thought of plants and animals being recklessly destroyed.

I am a goat herder, a nature lover, a tree-hugger.

I understand the fear of trying, the sadness of failure, and the joy of success.

I say we can make amazing and wonderful things happen if we put our minds to task.

I dream of soaring with eagles, swimming with fish, and running with cheetahs.

I try to live a green life to inspire others to do the same.

I hope we can change our destructive habits and live in harmony with our Mother Earth.

I am a goat herder, a nature lover, a tree-hugger.

Nobody Wins

The theme this week for One Single Impression is “Win”.


As my family and I sat down to dinner

My son asked, “Why must there be a winner?

It’s so much more fun simply to laugh and play

And get to spend some time with friends each day.

It’s never any fun to be forced to take a side;

After while feelings get hurt and friendship is denied.

It’s not just when we go to recess and get to play games.

If I don’t wear the right shoes or jeans, they call me names.

I honestly don’t see how anyone can think it might be fair

To be made a loser over things about which I do not care.

When they discover that we do not worship the same,

Whenever something happens it is me they blame.

Don’t they know that nobody will ever really win?

These contests have been going on time and again.

I know it’s cliché, but can’t we just all get along?

I know to be a loser and still win I must be strong.

But it would be so much nicer to be able to play,

Talk and do the things that we enjoy throughout the day.

I just don’t think I can continue going to such a great length

To survive and continue coming up with more inner strength.”

What words of advice am I to give as his mother serving dinner?

I’m still hurt from when I was never good enough to be a winner.