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Hobbies & Passions, Pastimes & Entertainment

or Why I’m Never Bored, an Alphabetical Journey through my Life

Animals of all kinds,

let’s just say it’s a zoo!

Blogging, truly addicted and I

might need to join a help group.

Candles are so much fun to make

and watch them burn.

Dairy: milking and making yummy stuff

like cheeses and fudge.

Explaining and teaching;

it’s my job after all.

Farming:  for real, I have a farm!

Hopefully it will be my job.

Gardening, indoors and outdoors,

veggies, flowers, herbs and plants.

Healing, mostly animals but

studied Reiki and Healing Touch.

Imagining and creating things–

crafts, stories, and hopefully a business!

Junior, that is my boy,

I’m relieved he’s grown.

Keeping things and collecting,

hopefully not hoarding!

Learning throughout my life,

always looking to grow.

Meditation: so much of what I

love becomes a meditation.

Nephews are wonderful,

and I have three great ones!

Organizing: lists and lists and lists

are fun to make and cross off.

Preserving and canning my

harvest and baking goods

Quiet time, so precious, and

I never seem to get much.

Religion of my choice, Wicca

is really a way of life.

Soap making, I did melt and pour:

now trying from scratch.

Taking pictures of my animals,

farm and life–beautiful.

Understanding human nature;

I am an empath.

Vintner-making wines from my fruits

and spending time with family.

Writing about my farm and poetry,

a way to heal the soul.

Xylem because I’m a tree-hugger;

really, I have hugged trees!

Yesteryear revealed through the

genealogy of my families.

Zipping around the farm

in the Ranger is fun!


This is my contribution to Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck.  Be sure to visit for more entertaining poetry.

31 thoughts on “Hobbies & Passions, Pastimes & Entertainment

  1. I am not sure how I missed this in my inbox from Amy.
    This is truly a wonderful poem and your practice of Wicca is great. The fact that you are open about it. I have read about Wicca, though I have never practiced. The concept is beautiful and grounded.

  2. Oohh.. that’s a very interesting list of interests you’ve got there, Teresa… I am sure you are NEVER bored… and isn’t that a lovely thing!!
    Stay thus, my friend..
    Have fun, and take care…

  3. Your life in alphabetical order contains all the parts of happiness. It seems like you have a serenity missing from some lives. A friend of mine sent me here and I’m glad I came.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. LOVED this. First off, I’m a pastor’s wife who believes solidly that Christianity is not the only way. So loved the line:
    Religion of my choice, Wicca/is really a way of life.
    The thing is, your way of life GLOWS throughout, whether it’s harvesting, making candles and soap. Your writing is an example of what people need to learn about Wicca: It’s a path, and it encompasses much more than meeting once a week. You walk a very special walk!

    Have a wonderful Solstice. We use that event to mark “The Longest Night,” an intimate, candlelit worship for folks who want to celebrate Christmas but don’t feel all “holly jolly” about it… disillusionment with the malls, a loved one’s death, unemployment, addiction, mental disorders. It’s like a family.

    Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  5. A great write! It’s not often I run across a write that includes a spiritual journey similar to my own in Wicca. As for the photo, amazing – I try to put anything on my dog or cat and their eyes pierce my own as if they were Clint Eastwood going, “feel lucky, punk – well, do ya?”

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