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Nobody Wins

The theme this week for One Single Impression is “Win”.


As my family and I sat down to dinner

My son asked, “Why must there be a winner?

It’s so much more fun simply to laugh and play

And get to spend some time with friends each day.

It’s never any fun to be forced to take a side;

After while feelings get hurt and friendship is denied.

It’s not just when we go to recess and get to play games.

If I don’t wear the right shoes or jeans, they call me names.

I honestly don’t see how anyone can think it might be fair

To be made a loser over things about which I do not care.

When they discover that we do not worship the same,

Whenever something happens it is me they blame.

Don’t they know that nobody will ever really win?

These contests have been going on time and again.

I know it’s cliché, but can’t we just all get along?

I know to be a loser and still win I must be strong.

But it would be so much nicer to be able to play,

Talk and do the things that we enjoy throughout the day.

I just don’t think I can continue going to such a great length

To survive and continue coming up with more inner strength.”

What words of advice am I to give as his mother serving dinner?

I’m still hurt from when I was never good enough to be a winner.

15 thoughts on “Nobody Wins

  1. heartfelt and authentic…
    kids do need to learn winning and losing and accept the result …
    beautiful entry.

    Here is the end of the year awards 4 you, enjoy!

    End of The Year Awards 4 Friends of Jingle or Jingle Poetry Community

    Your support has been a delight to us, at this time of the year, We wish you all the best !
    Hope to see you at our Sunday Poetry Potluck tonight, let me know if you have questions. old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome..
    Week 15 theme: reflections, interpretations, and musings.

  2. If there were never any ‘winners’ then, conversely, there would also never be any ‘losers’ – and as long as people cling to such short-sighted judgment values, there will always be those who fall outside their ‘coolness’ parameters.

    One redeeming grace in the whole equasion is that there will always be far more ‘uncool’ people – and even ‘uncool’ majorities have the power to rule.

  3. Beautiful sentiments expressed here, Teresa. Sadly, the whole competition thing has gotten out of hand…what we have seems to always be more important than who we are.

  4. Nice post, thought-provoking. And yes, it’s been said before, but can it be said too often, or in too many ways?

    When peace finally comes to earth, there will be no more winners, no more losers – everyone will just be content with being. I believe it is possible, but it won’t happen as an outside, imposed miracle – the movement has to start and take root within each individual’s heart.

  5. This thoughts can stem only from the heart of a true winner of life.. Congratulations for such a wonderful achievement..

    Wish I had let the longer poem remain.. but I thought I will have to keep it for some other time.. Thanks for your constant presence on my page..

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