This week Jenny Matlock has assigned us to explore the letter L for Alphabe-Thursday.


What do I want my Legacy to be?

That of a sheep following the one in front

no matter where that leads.

Should my Legacy be mousy and timid,

one who sits quietly so as not to rock the boat.

Or do I blow the foghorn and shake things up?

Do I want to be the one in front that others

may see where I go, one who is the leader,

asking for, inspiring, demanding change.

At the end of the day when I go home,

I want to place my head softly on the pillow

and sleep in eternal peace knowing

I took the lead to stand up for what was right.

What do I want my Legacy to be?

I want it known that I fought without fear

the wars that had to be launched;

the battles that had to be won.

Never will I cower in fear, a coward

that crumples to the ground

bloodied, battered and beaten.

Instead I will gather my inner strength

and fight for right until the blessed end.

Never giving up on a cause worth championing,

leading the troops to victory.

Ah, yes.  That will be my Legacy.


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