Mother and Child

Each week Willow, from Magpie Tales, provides a picture prompt to stimulate our creativity.  Be sure to visit and read more stories and poems based on her picture.

colorful lead glass

placed lovingly together

eternal work of art


mother and infant

permanently etched in glass

the season of love

A Normal Day

When I went to town ahead of the blizzard,

I ran into an old acquaintance and found

myself standing in the feed store

listening to an impromptu Pentecostal sermon

and getting a fairly accurate psychic reading

while being empathetic to the chaos of her life.

The store was out of corn.

Just a normal day.


This is my contribution to this week’s Friday Flash (Non)Fiction 55.  Write a story or poem in exactly 55 words and then go tell G-Man.


This week’s theme for You Capture is Outside.  Lucky for me, we had a blizzard this past weekend!  Before that we had only had a few flurries, and it didn’t look very much like winter.  It was just brown and dead–not very good for interesting pictures.