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Our thoughts are constantly

coming fast and furious,

bringing thoughts that bother us.

We relive old hurts–the lost

loves that broke our heart.

We remember the deaths of loved

ones and feel that loss anew.

We worry about the future and

what we did and said yesterday.

Stillness of the mind, however,

erases the worry, pain and sorrow.

The absence of thought creates

a clean slate, pure and innocent.

Within that perfectly still mind,

we find peace, comfort and wisdom.

Our meditation becomes a

a natural healing experience.


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34 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. I can feel the stillness in this piece. A really nice piece. Meditation is such a wonderful tool to help ease the mind. Bravo!

  2. The absence of thought ….

    Wow, Teresa, reaching that kind of a state of being..it will be pure bliss..and beauty everywhere.. but then that’s the effort thro non-effort..

    Loved your poem..as ever.. God bless!

  3. Our meditation becomes a

    a natural healing experience…

    lovely piece, enjoyed the ending..
    Thanks for sharing with potluck.

  4. A great write – far too many people don’t realize that nothing is written in the mental ink, but pencil, destined to be erased. Great attitude and habit to write about

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