Snow Bird

snow bird clinging to the fence

looks for a bite to eat

the long dead weeds are

happy to share a seed

a long cold winter isn’t

daunting to the little snow bird

sitting upon the white ground

shielded from the bitter wind

peace resides in her breast

in this frozen field of plenty

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My Best Shots

We’ve had some beautiful frozen fog lately, and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures.  I think my favorite is this one of the pine tree.

After all the frosty, foggy weather, we had a beautiful day, so I took the opportunity to go out and enjoy taking pictures in the barnyard.  I’m not sure these are my best shots of the year, but they are some that I like from today.  The geese are unbelievably photogenic.

Bob, what more can I say.  He’s either goofy or posing perfectly.  Today was a posing day.

It just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a goat in a picture post, so here’s Muffin happily chewing her cud.

As always, my pictures are SOOC.  The only exception would be occasional cropping.  Maybe editing should be one of my New Year’s resolutions.

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