2010-the Year in Review

It’s Alphabe-Thursday time again.  This week it’s all about the new year, or the old year if you want to reflect on the past  Be sure to visit  Jenny Matlock’s blog for more linked posts.

Eden Hills is imagined into reality

Buying the farm after three closings

Zipping over hills in the Ranger

Family fun making wine

Starting a farm blog

Expanding my goat herd

Facebook:  a networking tool


Starting a second blog for my goat

Trying new recipes

Photographing everything

Tiling the pasture–extreme landscaping

Making goat milk soap

Learning how to use a glue gun

Starting a third blog for my sanity

It’s what you’re reading right now

Learning so much from nature

Too many good-byes to loved ones

Remembering good times through the sadness

Meeting new friends in Blogland

Living the life that I love to the fullest

Fearing nothing and embracing adventure

The next year looks even better!

New Year’s good wishes to all

You and your visits are appreciated!